Just before Spring Break, nine of our middle school students made a great showing at the Kaohsiung Round of the World Scholar's Cup, taking place over two days. The event was held at Kaohsiung American School. All of our students qualified to attend one of three Global Rounds over the summer, if they are able to travel to the event. The World Scholar's Cup (www.scholarscup.org ) is a series of academic competitions around the world. They are great opportunities for students to practice public speaking, writing, and social skills. Students prepared independently for many hours outside of school, displaying a great commitment to learning and developing new skills. We enthusiastically recognize their achievement!

Courtesy of Mr. Tim Michael

春假前,我們有9位初中部同學一起參加了為期兩天在高雄美國學校舉行的世界學者盃台灣區競賽。暑假期間將還有另外三次在不同城市進行的環球巡迴賽,我們同學都有資格再安排前往參加一次。世界學者盃 (www.scholarscup.org ) 是一系列在世界各地舉行的學術競賽,為同學們練習公開演講、英文寫作與社交技巧提供了非常好的機會。參加這個競賽的同學們需要利用很多個人課後時間準備,表現出個人對於學習和發展新技能的重視與使命感。我們要熱切地讚揚同學們的成就!

感謝Tim Michael老師提供