World Scholar's Cup

22 adventurous students from AST's middle and high school divisions traveled to Taipei on Saturday for AST's first-ever participation in the World Scholar's Cup (WSC). WSC is an academic team program where students compete in spoken debate, writing, knowledge bowl, and other activities. WSC rounds are held worldwide throughout the year (50-60 events in total), with a final round at Yale University. This has been very popular with former students of mine, and I was delighted to accompany our AST scholars. Special thanks to Mr. Patrick Herding for helping me out on that busy, long day! Thanks also to parents who made the trip. Though this event was for local international schools, other WSC events are a great way for students to meet and interact with students from schools around the world.

Our top student achievers were Ethan Struble (G8) fifteen medals, Ellie Chang (G7) 12 medals, Shawn Chuang (G7) 9 medals, Felipe Dombkowski (G8) 7 medals, and Nicole Green (G9) 7 medals. Some won trophies either for individual performance or as part of a successful team. Felipe D., Ethan S., and Jun Choi took 1st place as top debate team in the Junior Division!

A list that highlights our students who placed in the top three of any given category can be viewed here, and complete results of all student achievement are here on the WSC website. We should be very pleased with our students' success, especially as first-time participants! I look forward to more involvement with this program. Let me or Mr. Herding know if you would like more information. The next round to be held in Taiwan will be at Kaohsiung American School, March 16-17, 2018. The schedule for events held around Asia and the world is available here.

Link: Photos of top achievers

Courtesy of Mr. Tim Michael

世界學者盃 (World Scholar's Cup)

台中美國學校22位初、高中部同學上星期六代表AST首次組團參加了在台北舉行的World Scholar’s Cup (WSC-世界學者盃) 學術競賽。WSC是一項國際上頗負盛名的團體學術競賽,比賽項目包括了英語口說辯論、寫作、學識等。WSC每年在世界各地舉行數個回合(總共約50-60場) 的比賽,最後一輪競賽則是在美國的耶魯大學進行。以前我的學生經常參加這比賽,我很高興現在也能將它引進到AST,並陪同AST的年輕學者們一同前去參加比賽。特别感謝Mr. Patrick Herding老師,這次在比賽時的全程陪伴,與我們一起度過了既忙碌又漫長的一天! 也要感謝所有促成這次行程的家長們。 雖然我們這次參加的僅僅是台灣區國際學校的比賽,但參加WSC的競賽,仍是同學們得以與來自世界各地的學生見面並交流的一項非常好的途徑。

這次AST同學表現非常優異,所得到的獎項包括了八年級Ethan Struble同學獲得15面獎牌;七年級Ellie Chang同學獲得12面;七年級Shawn Chuang獲得9面;八年級Felipe Dombkowski同學獲得7面;還有九年級Nicole Green同學獲得7面獎牌。除了個人獲得獎牌,在團體獎項方面,我們也贏得了不少獎盃。其中包括Felipe D., Ethan S., 和 Jun Choi三人在Junior Division等級贏得的辯論組冠軍獎盃!

請點閱這裡可看到更多AST同學在這次競賽各項目中,贏得前三名的詳細紀錄;您也可以在WSC的官網上看到官方公布的各項競賽排名結果。對於AST同學們第一次參加這項競賽,能有如此優異的表現,真讓人感到非常高興! 期待AST有更多人能投入這項活動,如果您想知道更多的相關訊息,歡迎與我或Mr. Herding老師聯繫。台灣地區下一回合WSC的競賽將於2018年3月16-17日在高雄美國學校舉行。其他WSC於亞洲各地舉行的各回合競賽時程表,請點閱這裡


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