AST is excited to be celebrating World Book Day on April 23rd, 2018.

World Book Day began in 1995 and is celebrated in over 100 countries. The annual event was introduced by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to promote a love of reading worldwide.  It is an opportunity to celebrate authors, illustrators, books and, most importantly, reading.

Middle and high school students will participate in a division book exchange to share a joy of reading and provide students with an opportunity to read a range of genres and text types. Students, please hand in a book (age-appropriate and in the English language) to donate to the book exchange raffle by Monday 16th April to your homeroom or advisory teacher. The book raffle itself will be held during advisory/homeroom time on Monday 23rd April. The MS draw will take place in the library and the HS in the MPR. Student get to keep the book that matches the raffle ticket they draw.

On World Book Day itself, Monday April 23rd, teachers and all students (ES, MS and HS) will dress as their favorite character from a book or as their favorite author. The most creative costume in each division will receive a 1,000 ntd book token as a reward!

Courtesy of Ms. Katie Leahy

AST 很高興將在4月23日這天歡慶世界圖書日。

世界圖書日始於1995年,是由聯合國教科文組織(UNESCO) 為提升世人對閱讀書籍的喜愛而訂於每年4月23日的,目前每年有超過100個國家會舉行慶祝活動。這是一個為文字、繪本作者與書籍還有最重要的個人閱讀舉行慶典的最佳機會。


世界圖書日當天,也就是4月23日星期一我們還有另一項活動,希望全體師生 (不分ES, MS 或 HS) 都可以裝扮成他們個人最喜歡的作者,或是最喜歡的書本裡的角色。我們將分別在小學、初中、高中部各選出最有創意的裝扮者,並給予他們價值新台幣1千元的圖書禮卷作為獎勵!

感謝 Ms. Katie Leahy老師提供