WASC Accreditation - Input Requested

We are working hard to get input from everyone about the school. This includes teachers, staff, students, parents, and the board. As part of that work, we have posted our Mission, Vision, and ESLRs in the MPR on campus and asked for input. Besides these posters, there are also categorized word lists posted on the wall. And we have asked everyone to come into the MPR and vote for those words that they feel are most important to AST. Once we are confident that everyone has had an opportunity to be involved, we will take down the posters and analyze the input to determine if the Mission, Vision, and ESLRs need to be updated and how to update them. Finally, this information will go to the AST School Board for approval and then the update will be published for everyone.

This is exciting work as we work to ensure that we are on the right path for our school.

Also, parents, please join us for Tea Time meetings as they are great opportunities to have focused group conversations. You can also simply come in and see us or send us an email if you have an idea or question. We value our parents and their thinking.

WASC認證 - 請協助

學校通過WASC的認證,需要集結教職員、學生、家長和董事會全體的努力。目前在學校行政大樓二樓MPR室的牆上,有幾張大海報分別列出了學校的Mission, Vision, 和ESLRs (使命,願景,期望學習成果),希望大家都能參與給予我們您個人的意見。海報上列出了原本和想要修改的主要文字。請大家有時間到MPR看看,在自己認為對AST最為重要的文字旁貼上標籤以示贊同 (MPR桌上備有小標籤)。在我們確信所有AST成員都有機會去表達意見後,我們會將這些海報卸下並進行統計分析,然後再決定學校的Mission, Vision, 和ESLRs需要做哪些調整。當然,所有的資訊我們也都必須先提交董事會,經過董事會同意通過後,再將修訂後的版本公布給大家。