High School Foundation of Art Students

You may have noticed some wacky and wonderful tape sculptures around campus, including a kidnapped woman with a mirror for a head and an arm sticking up into the air from behind her torso. William Yang, Kazarina Liao, and Aaron Chuang teamed up to join their separate tape sculpture body parts into one unique installation piece that can be seen on Lincoln Way on a sunny day. As a metaphor for how people become distorted and oppressed by other people’s projections, the sculpture invites the viewer to see themselves so they can understand how projections imprison others as well as to lend a helping hand to those in need.  

Courtesy of Dr. Teresa M. Tipton

高中部基礎藝術課 (Foundation of Art) 學生作品

你可能已經注意到校園周圍有一些古怪而美妙的膠帶雕塑作品,其中包括一個被綁架的女人,頭部是一面鏡子,一個手臂從她的軀幹後面伸到空中。William Yang、Kazarina Liao和Aaron Chuang三位同學聯手將他們各自獨立的膠帶雕塑結合成一件獨特的作品中,我們可以在燦爛陽光下的林肯大道上看到這件雕塑作品。此作品隱喻著人們如何被其他人紐曲的預測和壓迫,作品本身也邀請觀眾反觀自己,希望因此能讓觀眾理解到個人預期的成見會如何監禁他人,並進而能向周遭有需要的人伸出援助之手。

感謝 Dr. Teresa M. Tipton 老師提供