This past weekend the ASTonishing robotics club took 2 teams to the 8th Annual Formosa VEX Turning Point Challenge at Taipei American School. There were 36 teams from Japan, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan. After the preliminary competition, our teams were ranked 2nd and 11th.  ASTonishing Team A went on to a third place finish and were awarded the Build Award.  Everyone worked hard, learned a lot, met interesting people from other countries and had a great experience.

Courtesy of Mr. Patrick Herding

上週末,ASTonishing機器人社團帶了二隊組員參加在台北美國學校舉辦的第8屆Formosa VEX轉折點挑戰賽。本屆共有36隊的參賽隊伍,分別來自日本、中國、馬來西亞、菲律賓、新加坡、泰國、越南和台灣等地。初賽結果,我們的隊伍排名為第2和第11名。最後決賽,ASTonishing Team A並獲得了第三名,且被授予Build Award 大獎。本次參賽同學,每位都很努力且學到了很多東西,還與來自其他國家有趣的人們相見,大家都有次很棒的經驗!

感謝 Mr. Patrick Herding 老師提供