AST Cycling Club would like to host a Tour de Taiwan, which is cycling around Taiwan. The trip will be 12 days long and the event serves some major purpose. First, the event will introduce the participants into the root of Taiwan- Taiwanese culture. For instance, during the ride, the tour will incorporate some traditional snacks but not like ordinary lunch boxes; aboriginal tribes will be visited when we are on the eastern coast of Taiwan; furthermore, the natural beauty of Taiwan will be shown to the participants. Second, Taiwan, an island that is packed with only 23 million people, has one of the largest cycling industry in the world; therefore, this event has scheduled some tours to multiple bicycling factories and museums, including 3 largest bicycle factories in Taiwan: Giant, Merida, and HODAKA. Also, the bicycle museum introduces us the evolution of bicycles. The participants can see how the frame of the bicycle change through time with the improvement of material technology and better knowing about aerodynamics. In conclusion, with these wonderful events implemented in this tour, the fee for each participant will skyrocket, which thereby decrease the willingness for them to join; thus the AST Cycling Club would like to use your help to make this tour acceptable for each student. The amount that each student only have to pay is 25000 NTD, and that covers hotel, insurance, and partial food payments for the whole 12 days. The due date for sign up is on May 21, Tuesday. For additional information please contact Yuan Yuan and Nordy.

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Courtesy of Nordy Chen and Yuan yuan Chan, class of 2020

AST 自行車社團將於6/10-/6/21舉辦一場自行車環島活動。希望讓參加的學生、家長和教職員都能因此活動對台灣文化有更深入的了解。活動中,我們將參觀許多自行車廠,包括捷安特和許多自行車組裝車廠;我們也將參訪一些原住民部落;並享用台灣著名傳統小吃。為維護參加者的安全,我們安排有一部補給車,還有一位捷安特專業人員全程領騎。

歡迎同學們踴躍報名參加,年滿14歲同學可獨自報名,未滿14歲同學則需有一位監護人陪同。每位參加人員的費用為新台幣25,000元,此費用包括住宿費、保險費及部分餐費。報名截止日為5月21日星期二,有興趣者請與Nordy,  或Yuan Yuan, 聯絡。

感謝Nordy Chen, Yuan Yuan Chan兩位同學提供