Hi everyone - it's that time of the year when Art classes turn their visions towards the recrafting of something old and refashioning it into something new - new ART assemblage sculptures that is!

C building art room is accepting donations of broken toys, small broken machines and other non-usable objects or very cool recyclable items you never threw out that can be reused, cut, glued, or otherwise taken apart and made into assemblage sculpture. Please leave on the shelves outside C building 3rd floor art building or under the stairs first floor C building near lost and found with a note it is for me and not lost! 

What treasures are waiting in your storage unit or closet that are ready to be given away and made into something unexpectedly wonderful? Here is something for inspiration!

We take our inspiration from a town in Paraguay that turned garbage into music: Landfill Harmonic Orchestra

Courtesy of Dr. Tipton

大家好 - 每年到了這個時節,我們藝術課的同學都會嘗試改造一些舊事物,重新組裝塑造出另一新事物 - 新的藝術組合雕塑!。


您的儲藏室或櫥櫃裡是否正有些您已用不到、不想用、想丟掉又覺得有點珍貴的物品呢?  請看在巴拉圭,人們麼怎麼利用垃圾轉變成美妙音樂的影片: Landfill Harmonic Orchestra 


感謝Dr. Tipson老師提供