THIMUN The Hague

On 6.30 AM Saturday Jan. 27, four nervous Grade 10 students and I boarded a van to begin our journey to The Hague. For the first time in many years, AST was represented at THIMUN The Hague, the most prestigious THIMUN conference. 3000 youth from around the world gather at The Hague each year for the United Nations simulation known as MUN (Model United Nations). Each delegate represents a country or UN organization. AST students aptly represented the IMO (International Maritime Organization) in debates about marine pollution, child brides, human trafficking and sustainable development. The King of The Netherlands, Willem Alexander opened the 50th conference. His daughter, the Princes Margarita, spoke to delegates at noon one day about child brides.

Sean Ko was the school Ambassador of IMO. He said “THIMUN the Hague is not just about big, it's also about being international. Through this conference, people from all around the world compete and discuss relevant global issues that are troubling the earth. It feels almost like a miracle to me when I encounter those fresh, unprecedented ideas from those people over the days in THIMUN. "-Sean Ko

Nordy Chen describes THIMUN as an event that “taught me better social skills, and also strategies to become a better speaker on stage."

Delegate Selina Fu enjoyed attending THIMUN The Hague because "it gave me opportunities to meet, communicate, cooperate, and become friends with many people from different countries and diverse cultures, and although the weather was freezing cold, I really enjoyed the clean and organized environment over there."

 “I am very pleased in joining the 50th Anniversary of THIMUN The Hague. Throughout the conference, I enjoy the moments discussing about the current global crisis occurring now with the people from all over the world. I learned during that experience that despite some of us discussing about the same issue, we could have different perspectives on how a global issue can be solved. Despite the extreme cold weather at the Hague, but the passion and energy that every delegate has during conference time has lighten up my morale for MUN conferences.” – Henry Wang

Courtesy of Sylvia Mason Wiebe, MUN Director


1月27日清晨6:30,4位緊張的10年級同學和我一起搭上接駁車,踏上前往荷蘭海牙的旅程。AST已經許久沒有學生代表參加在海牙舉行的THIMUN,這個最有聲望的模擬聯合國會議了。每年約有3千名來自世界各地的年輕人齊聚海牙,模擬聯合國開會的方式進行會議。參加學生分別模擬各個國家代表或聯合國組織裡的成員開會。今年的會議中,AST同學也恰如其分的代表國際海事組織的成員,參與了關於海洋汙染、兒童新娘、人口販運和永續發展的辯論。這次我們看到了荷蘭Willem Alexander國王親自蒞臨開幕典禮為第50屆THIMUN揭開序幕;她的女兒,Margarita公主也利用會議期間與學生代表們演說有關兒童新娘問題。

Sean Ko同學本次擔任模聯中國際海事組織的大使,他說:“海牙THIMUN不僅規模盛大,參加的成員與討論議題非常國際化。來自世界各地的代表,透過這個場合較勁與商討解決困擾著地球的全球問題。對我來說,在參加THIMUN the Hague會議期間所遇到的新鮮事物與前所未聞的想法,感覺就像遇到奇蹟一樣。”

另一位同學Nordy Chen則敘述這次到海牙參加THIMUN會議活動“ 教了我更好的社交技巧,以及許多方法讓我能在台上演說時成為更好的演說者。”

Selina Fu同學也很高興參加了海牙THIMUN活動,因為“這次的機會讓我可以見到好多來自不同國家不同文化的人,我們開會、溝通、合作還成為朋友。雖然天氣非常寒冷,但我還是很享受當地整潔的環境。”

Henry Wang同學則表示 “我很高興參加了第50屆的海牙模擬聯合國會議。我非常享受在會議期間與來自世界各地的朋友們一起討論世界大事的時光。經由這次經驗,我學習到了解決同一項全球問題,是會有許多不同看法和方法的。雖然我們在海牙期間天氣非常寒冷,但每位代表所呈現出的熱情與能量,卻點燃了我對於參加MUN會議的士氣。”

感謝MUN Director:Ms. Sylvia Mason Wiebe老師提供