Last Friday, Interact Club members visited an orphanage. The purpose of the activity was to learn about people who need our help, provide a special BBQ for them, and share our passion about community service. I was very glad so many students in AST were willing to participate in this activity, which allowed our club members to contribute to our community.

During the BBQ activity, we watched an outstanding drum show that was performed by these kids who live at the orphanage. After the show we prepared the BBQ. We served our guests and had a chance to chat with them. I believe our contribution was greatly appreciated by these kids. Participating in this kind of event not only benefited the orphans, but also taught the AST Interact Club members about the different people who live in the same community as we do.

Submitted by:

Ecson Hsu, class of 2020

President of Interact Club


在BBQ烤肉期間,我們欣賞了住在孤兒院孩子們精彩的打鼓表演。表演結束後,我們準備了BBQ烤肉。烤肉後,我們邀請來賓一起與孤兒院孩子們聊天。我相信這些孩子非常感謝我們的來訪和一同歡樂的時光。參加此拜訪活動不僅使孤兒院孩子們受益,還讓AST 扶少社團員了解與我們生活在同一社區上不同人的生活。

感謝扶少社社長Ecson Hsu提供