I know I’ve been silent for quite some time, but now there are a number of items that I want to share with you.

First, you may know that the publishers of the SAT have significantly changed the exam.  They have reduced the number of sections from three down to two, so the highest possible score is now 1600.  The verbal and written section has changed in the style and format of the questions, and is more dependent upon reading and interpreting sections of novels or essays.  The text that a student must interpret is provided, but the questions are structured in a way that requires knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

These changes mean that older test-preparation books and study strategies are not as effective as they might have been last year.

Fortunately, College Board (publishers of the SAT) has partnered with Khan Academy to provide excellent online preparation materials.  Seven full exams are offered, and students can even select just one section at a time to focus on.  Once a section is finished, the student’s score is given, along with full explanations for the correct answer on those questions the student missed.

All of our Juniors are currently working their way through one full SAT on Khan Academy.   I’ve been taking the test myself, and have found the information very helpful.  I strongly recommend this resource.  The SAT prep can be found here:

Second, AST had host the AEO College Tour, on March 8th, from 12:30 to 1:30, in the MPR.  Seventeen colleges and universities will have representatives, and our students and their families are welcome to attend.  We also host Jacobs University from Bremen, Germany, on Tuesday, March 7th, and New York University, Abu Dhabi campus on Thursday March 9th.  

Since we are all preparing for TAIMUN, it is useful to have your students keep a record of the work that they do for the event.  Our kids are usually prepared to list the positions they’ve held, or the formal role that they played.  What they tend to skip are the anecdotal stories that provide context.  I hope that our students will capture some of those stories -- these are the details that help a student write application essays that stand out.

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這樣的改變,意謂著以前(或加上去年) 同學們應付舊制測驗時的參考書與應試策略,現在都已經不適用了。

不過還好,College Board (美國大學理事會;SAT主辦單位) 與Khan Academy (可汗學院) 合作,已開發了線上準備SAT測驗練習軟體。透過練習這些線上測驗,同學們可以模擬完整的SAT考試,也可選擇單項測驗來專注練習。模擬測驗完畢後,各項目的評分也會立即算出,對於沒有獲得分數的題目並還會提供正確答案與解釋。


另j外,AST於3月8日星期三中午12:30至1:30在學校MPR舉行了AEO College Tour。當天有來自17所美國大專院校的代表在AST聯合招生,同學們一當場與個校代表面談。在3月7日星期二,還有來自德國Bremen的Jacobs University代表;3月9日星期四則有紐約大學阿布達比分校的代表前來AST招生。

最後要提醒大家:學校最近開始忙於準備年度TAIMUN會議活動了。同學們參與這種大型活動的記錄在申請大學時是非常有用的。AST同學經常會在敘述個人經歷時列出曾參與TAIMUN所擔任的工作職位,或在會議中模擬代表了哪那些國家,而跳過提供在實際參加會議或工作時一些深刻記憶與經驗獲得內容的敘述。我希望藉此機會,再度提醒我們同學,在參加這些活動的同時,一定要捕捉一些實際發生在自己身上的故事 --  詳細的將那些細節記錄下來。未來,這些記錄必定非常有助於自己撰寫出與眾不同的申請大學自傳。

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