The College Board has chosen to reduce the number of times that they offer the SAT testing in Asia.  This means that we will only offer the standard SAT once, in December, at AST.  Regular registration deadlines are typically one month before the testing date.  The College Board has not yet finalized the dates for next autumn. We will keep everyone informed about registering for this assessment.  SAT information can be found here:

If your student plans to apply as a regular applicant to a university in the US, taking the December SAT will be fine.  However, a student applying for Early Decision may have to take the SAT during October to comply with application deadlines.  If this is the case, your student will not be able to take the SAT at AST, but other testing locations will be available. 

An alternative to the SAT is the ACT.  Colleges and universities view these assessments as equivalent, and there is never a penalty for taking one over the other.  The ACT will be offered in September, October, and December.  Like the SAT, the registration deadlines tend to be about one month before the test date.  AST is not an ACT testing site, but we will keep you informed about ACT registration next year.  ACT information is here:

Finally, an increasing number of colleges and universities are choosing to make the ACT and the SAT optional.  Currently, over 900 schools have chosen this approach.  I’ve looked through the list of these schools, and they include some very impressive options.  That list can be found here:

Regardless of what happens with the testing dates for the SAT, your students have excellent choices available.  I continue to enjoy helping your students learn about their options.

We recently hosted the AEO College Tour, which brought 17 institutions to AST.  Among these were two Community Colleges.  The Community College system in the United States represents an opportunity that is frequently ignored.  These schools only offer two-year training, but their tuitions are much, much lower than colleges and universities, AND in many cases, the credits transfer to the more expensive universities.

I’ll talk about this system next time.

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美國大學理事會(The College Board) 已減少在亞洲地區的SAT測驗次數,下學年在AST校園舉行的SAT全科測驗將只剩下今年12月份那一次。 通常報考SAT的期限是在考試日期的一個月前。美國大學理事會至今仍未確定明年秋季的SAT考試日期。學校如接獲通知,將立即讓大家知道考試的報名截止日與相關訊息。更多關於SAT考試資訊請點閱:

如果您孩子計畫依一般時程申請進入美國大學,那麼在12月時參加SAT考試,應該可以來得及申請接下去那學年將就讀的大學。但若您孩子想依 ‟Early Decision ˮ流程申請美國大學,則請注意:最晚須在10月份時就參加SAT考試,這樣才來得及提供申請大學所需的考試成績。如果AST學生在時間上,無法配合參加在我們學校考場的SAT考試,請同學們須依自己需要,參加在其他地方舉行的SAT考試。

除了SAT考試之外,ACT測驗也是類似的申請美國大學考試。大專院校對於這兩項考試的結果一視同仁,且並不限定學生們不能兩項考試都參加。 ACT考試的時間一般是在9月,10月及12月份。報名截止日與SAT考試相似,皆在考試日期約1個月前截止報名。AST校園並不提供ACT測驗的考場,但我們確定ACT考試日期與報名截止日後,也會盡快通知大家。相關ACT考試的訊息可以點閱: 





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