Ten Model U.N. delegates from our school made a fine showing for TASMUN 2019 at Taipei American School. All delegates provided speeches in their committees and participated in other forms of public speaking. AST has been participating in TASMUN since their first conference in 2009. As part of this year's conference, delegates brought back goal-setting ideas for possible school-to-community programs we as a school could develop to help the U.N. meet its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These ideas (to be announced later) will fit in nicely with our own TAIMUN XVII initiatives, and help Taiwan play its part in reaching the SDGs worldwide. Stay tuned!

AST at TASMUN 2019 video, here

Courtesy of Mr. Michael, TASMUN Advisor

AST十位學生代表上星期在台北美國學校的TASMUN 2019 模擬聯合國會議中表現得非常出色。所有學生代表在其各自的委員會中發表演說,並參與大會的公開演講。AST自TASMUN在2009年第一次舉辦模擬聯合國會議起就一直參與其中。今年的會議,學生代表們基於作為一所學校可以如何發展,提出可能由學校到社區計劃的目標設定理念,以幫助聯合國實現其可持續發展目標(SDGs)。這些想法(將在稍後公佈)與我們自己的TAIMUN XVII計劃完美契合,並也幫助台灣參與全球實現可持續發展目標。敬請關注!

AST學生在 TASMUN 2019 影片, 請點選這裡

感謝Mr. Michael, TASMUN Advisor提供