AST HS Students Prepare for TAIMUN XV

TAIMUN XV is only three months away! TAIMUN is proud to celebrate its fifteenth year of hosting students from around Asia to simulate the United Nations. The Planning Team has been at work since September and AST delegates, officers, press and admin are already at work.

Every student from Gr. 8-12 is involved in TAIMUN. Every Monday until April 17, from 3:45 to 4:55 PM, delegates are required to meet as a team to learn and practice procedures and debating. Those experienced with MUN assist new students in learning the art of debating.  Those appointed to the Admin team will also be meeting weekly, day to be announced shortly. The Press team will be lead by Mr. Tim Michael. The meeting times for Press are still to be determined.

All Grade 8 students will be given positions as Secretaries, assisting the Admin and committees. There will be a brief training session for them, to be announced later.

Give your child a chance to practice MUN skills by opening conversations about current issues like the Syrian refugee crisis, nuclear disarmament, and so on. Ask the student delegates about their countries, committees, and issues. If your child is in admin position, ask about the behind the scenes activities at TAIMUN. The students will appreciate your support and encouragement to help them through the next three months of preparation.

April 15 is when the final UN simulation, mini-MUN occurs and all delegates and officers are required to be present for one final practice. TAIMUN is a sought after conference and we are training this year's students to uphold this fine tradition.

Courtesy of Sylvia Wiebe, Director TAIMUN

AST 高中學生全力準備 TAIMUN XV

第十五屆台灣模擬聯合國會議再不到三個月的時間就將舉行了!  TAIMUN廣邀亞洲地區學生參與模擬聯合國會議,今年已進入了第15年。整個活動的規劃從去年九月開始進行,目前AST學生擔任的模擬各國代表、各委員會主席、媒體與行政人員都已各就各位的努力於準備工作之中。

AST從8到12年級的同學都會參與TAIMUN的活動。從上學期開始到下學期的4月17日前,每星期一下午放學後3:45到4:55,擔任模擬各國代表的同學須集合練習會議期間辯論技巧與程序。由會議經驗豐富的同學協助新加入同學,一起學習模擬聯合國會議的辯論藝術。負責行政團隊工作的同學們也有每周聚會,確定的聚會時段,近期將再行宣布。TAIMUN媒體部分,則由Mr. Tim Michael老師帶領,決定聚會時間後也將公布給負責媒體的同學們。


家長也可以在日常生活中就給予孩子們練習模聯會議技巧的機會,與孩子聊聊國際事務如敘利亞難民危機,裁減核武等議題。問問孩子將代表的國家,參加的委員會,與將討論的議題等。如果您孩子參加的是行政團隊,也可問問他們TAIMUN的幕後英雄們都負責了哪些工作。 接下來近三個月的準備期間,孩子們一定會需要並感謝家長您的支持與鼓勵的。

4月15日星期六是模擬聯合國會議開會前最後實務練習日,當天將進行小型會議 (mini-MUN) 演練,所有各國代表與委員會主席都須參加演練。 TAIMUN活動一直以來都是廣受歡迎的,我們也要訓練今年的同學們維持住這項AST的優良傳統。

感謝AST TAIMUN負責老師Ms. Sylvia Wiebe提供