Summer Camp 2017

We are excited to announce that there is more interest in our summer camp program than ever before. Our enrollment so far is looking very good!!! We have also hired some excellent teachers and teaching assistants. We are still offering the early bird discount until the end of the month!!!

Summer Camp is three weeks from July 10-28. It is open to students in grades 2-9 offering small classroom sizes in a natural English acquisition environment.

Summer Camp is filled with fun, games, art, friendship, sports, field trips and learning.

There are no foreign passports required for the summer camp so please feel free to recommend this camp to family and friends.

Please click on this link for more information or register today:  Register for Summer Camp 2017

Courtesy of Summer Camp Director: Derek Kensinger

        Summer Camp Assistant Director: Aimee Eppel 

2017 暑假夏令營

我們很興奮向大家宣布,今年AST夏令營課程將比以往為更生動有趣。我們聘請了多名優秀的老師與助教,對於今年的課程,大家都非常期待。目前報名狀況非常踴躍!!!  提醒大家現在報名可享受的早鳥優惠,在本月底即將截止!!!





感謝夏令營主任 Derek Kensinger老師及副主任Aimee Eppel老師提供