Culminating Assembly With Visiting Artist Godfrey Semwaiko

This week we saw the fabulous fruits of Godfrey Semwaiko’s residency efforts with elementary, middle and high school students. From engaged storytelling, story writing and storyboarding, grade 3, 4, and 5 were busy creating and illustrating stories that are all being combined into one digital ebook to soon be available for download and use by the AST community. Middle School and High School students edited, manipulated and masked original works of art digitally to be ready for animating 2D illustrations and High School students created video clips and stop-motion animation. Godfrey showed us his process working with students, the animation of illustrations and a sample of the final ebook under development. Thank you’s were exchanged by children’s voices and an exchange of artist works of art and special gifts between Godfrey and Anna Lee.

Dr. Teresa M. Tipton

Arts Specialist


本週,我們欣賞了Godfrey Semwaiko先生與小學部、初中部和高中部學生一同創作的成果簡報。從故事講述、故事寫作至故事板製作,小學3年級、4年級和5年級學生忙著創作故事架構,而這些故事都會整合製作為一個互動式電子書,很快地就可供我們下載和使用。

初中部和高中部學生負責編輯,將原創面具作品製作成2D動畫而高中學生製作視頻剪輯和定格動畫。Godfrey 先生向我們展示了他與學生合作的過程、插圖動畫以及正在製作最終電子書的樣本。

感謝孩子們的創作! 另外,Godfrey先生也和董事長交換禮物留念。

感謝美術老師Dr. Teresa M. Tipton 提供