Next week is our annual spirit week.

Ÿ   Monday - Cartoon / Anime Character Day

Ÿ   Tuesday - Colorful Day

Ÿ   Wednesday - Jobs Day

Ÿ   Thursday - Twins Day

Ÿ   Friday - Costume Day

Everyone is encouraged to dress up for the themed days. Also, those that are dressed up are requested to join us for a group photo on the front steps of the admin building at the start of lunch.

Ÿ   Monday - 11:20

Ÿ   Tuesday - 11:40

Ÿ   Wednesday - 11:40

Ÿ   Thursday - 11:40

The Halloween Activities start at 1:00 pm with the parade at 1:20 pm and the activities at 2:00 pm. The full schedule can be seen here. Also the AST Parent Association is tying their fall bake sale to the Halloween event. They will be selling during lunch and if they have enough food remaining, they will also sell after the parade.

Spirit Week及萬聖節前夕

下星期AST年度Spirit Week活動每天的裝扮主題為:

Ÿ   星期一 – 卡通/動漫人物日

Ÿ   星期二 – 色彩繽紛日

Ÿ   星期三 – 各種職業日

Ÿ   星期四 – 雙胞胎日

Ÿ   星期五 – 創意裝扮日


Ÿ   星期一 – 11:20

Ÿ   星期二 – 11:40

Ÿ   星期三 – 11:40

Ÿ   星期四 – 11:40