Shakespeare workshops at the National Taichung Theater: February 1st and 2nd.

Day 1: Middle School and G10.

Middle school participated in an introduction to Shakespeare workshop. Students looked at extracts from a variety of Shakespeare plays to gain an understanding of iambic pentameter and how Shakespeare creates changes in tone by breaking this pattern.

Grade 10 participated in a Macbeth workshop. Students explored complex and direct language used in Shakespeare texts and staged their own duologues of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

Day 2: Grade 9

Grade 9 classes explored a scene and a soliloquy from Romeo and Juliet. Students had fun exploring imagery and language in addition to staging their own interpretations of the scenes.

Overall, the students had a wonderful, enriching experience. We feel very fortunate to have been able to book Dewi Hughes (Drama Arts Productions UK) to host these workshops at the National Taichung Theater.

I wish to thank all the teachers and students involved - you made it a memorable experience! Thanks also to AST for supporting the project! Much appreciated.

Miss Katie Leahy

Teacher of English and Drama


第一天: 初中部及10年級同學



第二天: 9年級同學


整體而言,參加這些講座的同學們都獲得了一次既美妙又充實的經驗。我們很幸運的能請到Dewi Hughes (Drama Arts Productions UK) 為我們同學在台中國家音樂廳主辦這樣的講座。

我也很感謝所有參與的老師和同學–你們成就了這個難忘的經驗! 謝謝學校支持辦理這樣的講座! 非常感謝!

感謝英文科及戲劇老師Miss Katie Leahy提供