The AST annual science fair will be held next Tuesday, March 19th, from  2:30-3:30 PM. The event will take place in the gym and cafeteria. All elementary school science projects will be found in the cafeteria, and all middle and high school projects will be displayed in the gym. All are welcome. Please join us in celebrating our students' hard work, creativity and commitment to the scientific method!

What: AST Science Fair
When: 2:30-3:30 PM
Where: AST Cafeteria and Gym
G1-G5 Cafeteria
G6-G12 Gym

Courtesy of Ms. Lauren Leach

AST 年度學生科展即將於3月19日星期三下午2:30-3:30在學校林肯活動中心舉行。小學生的科展作品會在1樓餐廳展出;初、高中生的科展作品將於2樓體育館展出。我們歡迎所有家長們及全體師聲前來觀賞同學們秉持著科學研究的態度與方式,努力付出心力並發揮創意所完成的作品!

主題: AST 科學展覽
時間: 2:30-3:30 PM
地點: AST 餐廳及體育館
G1-G5 餐廳
G6-G12 體育館

感謝Ms. Lauren Leach 提供