Sept. 15-16, 5 of our AST Red Cross members took part in the first aid training hosted by Taichung Red Cross. They passed the exam and became certified first aid personnel. Not only did these students learn knowledge about first aid, but they can also provide assistance when there is an emergency situation! We encourage high school students to participate in this kind of training because it will benefit everyone as well as themselves!

Courtesy of AST Red Cross Club

9月15-16日,五位紅少服同學參加了紅十字會的急救員訓練,並通過考試,取得急救員資格。這些同學不僅增加了急救知識,也能在周遭的人有緊急狀況時提供幫助! 我們鼓勵高中同學多參與此訓練! 利人又利己!

感謝 AST 紅十字會社團 提供