Grade 10 and 11 PARENTS!  

PSAT is on the horizon! Your grade 10 and 11 student will be taking the PSAT on Wednesday, October 24 here at AST.  We ask that you please be sure they are at school on time, get good sleep the night before, and have a nice breakfast.

On Monday, October 22, there will be a mandatory paperwork session during activity time.   Students will be told to go directly to the MPR that day for activity, so we can finish on time.  Please remind them that if they pay attention and focus on the task at hand, they shouldn't miss their clubs or their regular bus home.  

PLEASE remind your student to read the student guides we gave them last month,  so they know what to bring for the PSAT.   Last year, several students did not and didn't have their calculator, or pencils, or sweaters (for those who get cold easily).  

We want this to be a good experience for our students, and with your support it will be.  
Thank you!

Courtesy of Ms. Diane Wilson





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