Parent Speakers are Invited to AST!

As seniors and juniors are beginning to prepare their college applications and are making decisions about their future courses of study, they would like to hear from our own families about their careers and experiences in the work world.

On Monday, September 3rd, we had our first speaker.  We were fortunate to have Dr. Subrata Kundu, father of grade two Suniska, tell our students about his life, career, choices he made, and lessons he learned.  

What can you share that would help our students begin to make these important life decisions?  The more variety of career paths shared, the better armed our students will be to make good choices. Please consider sharing your stories.

Contact Ms. Amy ( if you have questions or are willing to help out with this important opportunity for our high school students.  

Courtesy of Ms. Amy Chang


隨著高年級的學生開始準備申請大學與決定未來就讀的方向, 他們很想聽到家長們在各行各業的經歷與感想.

在九月三號星期一我們迎來了第一位家長演講者 Dr. Subrata Kundu (G2 Suniska的父親), 他與我們分享了他為他的人生與工作做的一些選擇與學到的人生功課.

每一個人的人生與選擇都是很獨特的, 如果能有不同工作領域的家長能來校分享, 我們的學生就可以得到更多的資訊與刺激 . 您是否也可以撥空過來與學生對談呢?  如果您有興趣來校與高中生分享您的人生經驗與選擇, 請聯絡 Ms. Amy Chang (  

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