Dear Parents and Friends of AST!

The Art Department is planning a project called 'Musical Chairs' and kindly requests your help. Using an idea from the historic 'STOMP' performers who made music from things in their environment, we plan to use some old chairs from school and turn them into musical instruments.

We are looking for donations of old pots and pans, metal lids, metal utensils, metal tubing, plastic buckets, bolts, wire, metal hooks, old or broken musical instruments, wooden tubes, old keys, and any other materials you may have an excess or wish to donate that we can bang on and make sound from it. Our Design class challenge is to turn these objects into an interactive musical instrument. Don't worry if someone looks old or bent or may be broken - we have paint!

You can drop off your donations on the first floor near the elevator under the stairs with the lost and found where I can pick them up or bring them to the shelves outside the ART room in C building on the third floor, opposite from the bathrooms at the end of the corridor leading from the computer lab. Any questions about usability? Contact me Teresa Tipton:

Thank you!

Courtesy of Ms. Teresa Tipton

Musical Chairs 專案計畫


學校藝術部門正在規劃一項 'Musical Chairs' 專案,希望也能得到您的協助。這次專案採用如著名音樂劇 'STOMP' 中表演者以生活周遭裡不起眼的器具來演奏音樂的想法,我們計畫利用一些學校已淘汰的老舊椅子,將它們改變成樂器。

我們也希望您可以捐出家中過剩不用或將淘汰的舊湯鍋、平底鍋、金屬鍋蓋、金屬餐具、金屬管、塑膠桶、螺栓、電線、金屬掛勾、老舊或壞掉的樂器、木管、老舊沒用的鑰匙等任何可以敲擊出聲音的用具給我們。設計課的同學們將挑戰改造您所捐出的器具材料,使其成為可用的樂器。您完全不必擔心所捐出的物品是否外觀老舊或已不堪使用 –我們有油漆塗料!

您可以將要捐出的物品放在行政大樓(C動) 一樓電梯前的樓梯下,就是一般放置失物招領的地方,我們會把它們搬到三樓美術教室前的架子上或三樓走廊上。如果您有任何這些物品處置上的相關問題,請與Teresa老師: 聯絡。


感謝Ms. Teresa Tipton老師提供