This past week we have had the pleasure of hosting Casey Middaugh in the middle school and elementary school. Casey studied music leadership at The Guildhall School of Music in London, and she has taught music workshops and composition to kids aged 3-8 for 7 years. This week, Casey has been leading music workshops with our students. These fun and interactive workshops have taught our students more about rhythm, various instruments, cooperation and musicality. Thank you Casey for your incredible facilitation skills! We hope to see you again next year!

Courtesy of Ms. Aimee Eppel

我們很榮幸過去這星期特別請到了Casey Middaugh 老師來為初中部與小學部同學舉行音樂講座。Casey老師過去在英國倫敦The Guildhall School of Music學習音樂領導, 並已教導3到8歲兒童音樂與作文7年了。這星期Casey 老師特別為AST同學進行了幾堂音樂講座,透過生動有趣的互動教學,讓同學們對於音樂節奏、不同樂器、合奏與樂感有更深入的瞭解。謝謝Casey老師在這麼短的時間內就讓我們有超乎想像的收穫!希望明年能再次邀請到她來!

感謝Aimee Eppel老師提供