MUN participants this year have the opportunity to attend 6-8 conferences, both in Taiwan and thousands of miles away from Taiwan. This is a good time to discuss the conferences with your child and plan ahead for them. Be aware that both male and female participants must wear business style jackets. Casual clothing, such as sneakers, jeans and t-shirts are only allowed during free times away from the conference.

Females are advised to avoid high heels and short skirts that are shorter than shoulder to finger tip length. Males must wear business apparel as well, with appropriate shirts, ties, pants and footwear.

The first conference will be in Hsinchu, October 12-14. Middle and high school students have been invited. The second conference will be in Seoul, Korea, November 9-11 and only High School students will attend.

While it is too late to attend these two conferences, there is still time to register for a number of other ones coming up late this year and early next year.

MS and HS students have been invited to Kaohsiung STMUN for December 8 and 9. Students who wish to attend can talk to Mr. Watson or Ms Sylvia. Preparations and research sessions begin in late October. MUN participants are expected to attend Monday after school sessions, 3.45 – 4.45 PM, usually for 6-8 weeks prior to the conference, to prepare and practice speeches and debates.

Other opportunities that students can still sign up for are: BMUN, in Berkeley, California, March 1-3, 2019 (HS students only;   PASMUN in Hsinchu (Mar. 2-3 (MS and HS);   WIMUN, New York Jan. 30- Feb. 2 (HS only);   National High School MUN, New York, Mar 1- 4 OR March 6-9 (HS). Both of the New York conferences offer access to the United Nations Headquarters and UN special guests.

The final conference of the year will be TASMUN, in Taipei, April 26-28 and both MS and HS students may attend.

Our own TAIMUN will happen from April 17-19. ALL students from Grades 8-12 are involved in TAIMUN and must have appropriate clothing.

Speak to your child about these opportunities for expanding their world and developing public speaking skills. Ms Sylvia welcomes all further inquiries and can provide important details concerning cost and transportation.

Courtesy of Ms. Sylvia Wiebe




12月8日和9日,在高雄舉行的STMUN會議,將邀請初中部和高中部學生參加。有意參加的學可以向Mr.  Watson或Ms. Sylvia報名。 參加同學的籌備和研討會議將於10月底開始進行。我們參加MUN會議者通常會在正式會議前6-8週加強練習演講和辯論,練習時間預計都在週一下午3點45分至4點45分。

學生們還可登記報名的其他MUN會議有:BMUN, 在加州Berkeley,2019年3月1日至3日舉行(僅限高中部學生參加) ;  PASMUN 於新竹舉行,2019年3月2 至 3日 開會 (初中部和高中部學生皆可參加);  WIMUN於2019年1月30 日至 2月30日在紐約舉行(僅限高中部學生參加); 美國高中MUN ,於2019年3月1日至4日或2019年3月6日至9日在紐約舉行(僅限高中部學生參加)。參加以上兩次紐約模聯會議的學生均有機會到聯合國總部和擔任聯合國特邀嘉賓。



請與您的孩子說明並談談這些會議是可以擴展他們的世界視野和增進公共演講技巧的機會。Ms. Sylvia 歡迎所有進一步的詢問,並可提供關於參加會議的費用和交通方式等細節資訊。

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