Eleven middle and high school students attended the first MUN conference of this school year. HSINMUN, held at IBSH in Hsinchu, with almost 300 delegates, was deemed successful by all of our delegates. Representing countries from Africa, Europe, and Asia, each delegate wrote and gave a one minute opening speech about the issues concerning their country. Following that, they participated in lobbying to find their allies, wrote resolutions, debated, and voted on issues using procedures similar to that of the United Nations. Four of AST's delegation were first timers. They expressed satisfaction and pride at the end of the conference and cannot wait for the next one, in early December in Kaohsiung.

Courtesy of TAIMUN Coordinator: Sylvia Wiebe


AST這次有11位高中與初中生參加了本學年第一個校際模擬聯合國會議 – HSINMUN。這次的模擬聯合國會議由新竹國立竹科實中主辦,共約有300位學生代表參加。我們的學生代表們都覺得這次辦得很成功。與會的學生模擬非洲、歐洲、亞洲等地的國家代表,會議開始時,先為各自己所代表國家所關心的議題發表約1分鐘的演說。然後,他們就進行遊說,並找到其他國家代表為盟友,撰寫決議書,使用類似於聯合國會議的程序為各議題進行辯論和投票來解決問題。AST的學生代表有4位是第一次參加這種大會,會後他們都表示了對這次會議的表現感到滿意與自豪,並且迫不及待要參加12月初在高雄舉行的另一次模擬聯合國會議。

感謝Ms. Sylvia Wiebe, TAIMUN指導老師提供