On Monday, February 27, 6 students and 2 staff will depart for Washington D.C. to participate in WAMUNC, an MUN conference. This conference will host 1300 American and international students. Our students have been preparing for several months for this conference. They are looking forward to making new friends, seeing snow, and learning about current global issues.

Parents: Mark your calendars! Students who are training as delegates for TAIMUN should be at school on Saturday, April 15 for a mini MUN session. They will practice resolutions, procedures and public speaking. The session will take place approximately 9:30 AM to 3:00PM with exact hours to be announced later. Students must bring their own lunch and drinks.

 The countdown is on. It is less than two months to TAIMUN. Remind the students who are delegates that they should be at training sessions after school on Mondays from now until April 17. Encourage them to come to practice, especially if they have experience with MUN. Discuss the committee and issues they will debate. Then debate current topics with them and ask questions about the country they represent.

See Ms Wiebe for further information

Courtesy of Ms. Sylvia Wiebe



家長請注意:若您的孩子在TAIMUN (台灣模擬聯合國) 擔任的是各國代表,請在家中日曆上標明4月15日星期六同學們須參加mini MUN (迷你模擬聯合國) 會議。迷你模聯會議約自上午9:30進行到下午3點,詳細時間表將另行公布。同學們將在當天的模擬會議中練習TAIMUN會議流程,實際體驗在大眾面前發表演說及相互辯論。當天學校不提供午餐,同學們請自行準備餐點及飲料到學校來。


家長如果需要進一步的資訊,歡迎與Ms. Wiebe老師聯絡。

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