MS Drama Workshop

MS Drama were very fortunate to have special guest, and professional artist, Casey Middaugh lead a fantastic two-day workshop on immersive theater this week. Students learnt the difference between immersive and interactive theater and created their own stimulating environments with the use of paper. Parts of Miss. Leahy's classroom were turned into magical woods, a donut shop, and a jungle!

Thank you Casey for a fun and enriching experience!

Courtesy of Ms. Katie Leahy


初中部戲劇課很幸運這星期請到了專業藝術家Casey Middaugh老師特別來為同學們進行兩天的沉浸式劇場講座。 同學們學會了沉浸式和互動式劇場之間的區別, 並利用紙張創造了激發自己的環境。 Miss Leahy的教室也因此被變成了魔法樹林、甜甜圈店和叢林!


感謝Ms. Katie Leahy老師提供