Middle school students have a third and final opportunity this school year to participate in a service project at the Gou Gou Shan Animal Shelter, which is located in Wufeng District. There are about 150 puppies and dogs living at the shelter, waiting for permanent homes. During this visit students will again be cleaning and refilling water and food bowls, cleaning the grounds, walking and brushing dogs, doing assorted chores that the owner needs to have done, and even just playing with the dogs. This interaction is an important activity for the dogs since it helps them with socializing and learning good manners, so that they have a better chance of being adopted later.

MS students need to return the permission form as soon as possible. Forms have been handed out in advisory classes. We can only take 15 students, and last time there was a wait list of students who did not get to go, so getting forms in quickly is important. This event will take place on Saturday morning, May 19th, from 8:00 to about 11:30AM. Transportation will be by van which will be provided by the school. Students will have to arrange rides or carpools to and from Café 185 where the vans will pick up and return students.  We look forward to another rewarding experience while contributing our time and energy to the community.

Submitted by:

Joan Freeman, MS STUGO Advisor

初中部同學本學年第三度前往霧峰區狗狗山志願服務活動已開始接受報名。狗狗山共收容了約150隻等待著善心人士收養的小狗。 這次前往狗狗山的服務,同學們仍將在收容中心人員指示下,為狗兒們清洗碗盆並重新裝滿水及食物,整理狗兒居住環境,幫狗兒梳毛帶牠們散步且玩再一起。 同學們與狗兒之間有良好的互動,對於狗狗是非常重要的,因為這樣可以讓狗兒練習與人類的社交,並學習良好禮貌,幫助牠們將來有更好的機會被人們收養。

想參加這次活動的同學請盡快將已於輔導小組時間發出的家長同意書交回學校。  因狗狗山場地限制,一次只能有15名同學前往服務;且前一次報名到狗狗山服務時,就有同學因排在候補名單而無法前往參加。所以有興趣參加的同學請務必盡速給家長簽名後交回同意書。本次活動時間訂在519日星期六上午8點到11點半左右,學校將提供交通車往返狗狗山,參加活動同學請自行安排往返集合與解散地點:Café 185 (位於廍子路上)。我們期待能再次為同學們帶來非常寶貴的社區服務經驗。


Joan Freeman,MS STUGO督導老師