Middle School Service Project

Middle school’s second service project on Saturday, February 10th, to assist at the Gougou Shan animal shelter in Wufeng District was a big success. 14 students worked with about 75 of the dogs waiting for permanent homes. On this visit they washed and refilled all the water buckets and food bowls, carried numerous food and garbage bags, as well as helped to clean where needed. They also brushed and just played with the dogs. This interaction is an important activity for the dogs since it helps them with socializing and learning good manners, which will help them have a better chance of being adopted later. Both dogs and students benefited from all the love and bonding...it was good therapy for all!  By the end of the visit it was common to see two or three dogs calmly sitting as they were being hugged, scratched, and petted by each student.

Along with the visit to the shelter we collected leashes, halters, and other pet supplies to donate. Thank you to everyone who helped with this worthwhile project.

A special thank you goes to parent chaperones Emma Green and Jeff Chou for their assistance. The accompanying photos were taken by these parents as well.

Submitted by:

Joan Freeman, MS STUGO Advisor


初中部學生會舉辦於2月10日星期六再度前往霧峰區狗狗山的志願服務活動非常成功。當天我們共有14位同學為大約75隻正在等待著被收養的狗狗服務。同學們為狗狗清洗裝水及食物的碗盆並裝入新的食物與飲用水;也搬運準備好為實的狗食,並清潔環境。還幫狗兒們梳毛且玩在一起。同學們與狗兒的互動對牠們是很重要的活動,這可以讓狗狗練習與人類的社交並學習良好禮貌,幫助牠們在未來可以有更好的機會被人們收養。不論是狗狗或是同學們都因從這些互動中得到的愛與連結而感到安慰…真是互蒙其利! 在我們結束拜訪前,就已看到兩三隻狗狗因為讓我們所有同學抱抱、刷毛、安撫過而靜適地坐著


藉此機會還要特別感謝當天帶隊家長Emma Green和Jeff Chou兩位的鼎力相助。本次附上的活動照片也是由家長們提供的。


Joan Freeman,MS STUGO督導老師