Middle School Service Project

Middle school’s STUGO has organized a second service project date this year to assist the Gougoushan animal shelter in Wufeng District. Students will have an opportunity to work with about 150 dogs waiting for permanent homes. On this visit they will be washing and refilling all the water and food bowls and containers. They will also be brushing, walking, and even just playing with dogs. This interaction is an important activity for the dogs since it helps them with socializing and learning good manners, so that they have a better chance of being adopted later.

MS students need to return the permission forms by Friday, January 26th. Since we must limit the number of students, those who turn in forms first will have the first opportunity to go. This event will take place on Saturday morning, February 3rd, 2018, from 8:00 – 11:30AM. Transportation will be provided by the school.

Along with the visit to the shelter MS STUGO wants to collect leashes, halters, collars and toys for the dogs. These items may be used or new. We discovered on our last visit that there was a great need for more of these kinds of things. Please send donations with your children, and give them to student representatives, or you can leave them in Mrs. Freeman’s room in G1a.  Thank you for your help with this worthwhile project.


Submitted by:

Joan Freeman, MS STUGO Advisor


初中部學生會(MS STUGO) 正舉辦本學年第二次到霧峰區狗狗山志願服務活動。參加本活動同學將有機會與約150隻待認養的小狗們進行互動。參訪當天,同學們將先清洗狗兒使用的碗盆容器,接著再為牠們裝入水和食物。還將幫狗兒們梳毛、與牠們一起散步、且一起遊戲。同學們與狗兒將進行的互動,可以幫助牠們練習與人類往來並學習良好禮貌,讓牠們在未來可以有更好的機會被人們收養。


除了參訪收容中心之外,MS STUGO同時還將為募集全新或使用過的狗用牽引帶、項圈套、頭帶和玩具等。因為上次去參訪時,我們發現收容中心極需再多準備點這類物品。請家長們協助您孩子慷慨捐助上述狗用項目,並將您捐的物品交給我們的學生代表或是放到Mrs. Freeman老師的教室(G1a)。感謝您對這非常值得付出的專案活動所給予的協助。



Joan Freeman,MS STUGO督導老師