Middle School Service Project

On Saturday morning, May 20th, a group of middle-schoolers (Janice Chen, Drew McNeal, Elizabeth Yoo, Angela Yang, Jasmine Liu, Vanita Shih, and Andre Joubert) participated in the middle school service learning project at Gou Gou Shan Animal Shelter. They spent the morning working hard doing a variety of necessary jobs. They cleaned and refilled many water buckets, cleaned over 50 food bowls, and then filled and distributed food for about half the 150 dogs at the shelter. Dogs were brushed, walked, and given lots of attention and ear scratches! Giant bags of food were carried to distribution points and boxes were moved to where they needed to be put. The students worked hard and their efforts were greatly appreciated by Surbrina, the owner. Finishing off the event, Drew McNeal, President of MS STUGO, presented her with $20,000 NTD that MS students had collected to help with veterinary expenses. This was a great and worthwhile experience, and we look forward to being able to return next year.


Submitted by: Joan Freeman, MS STUGO Advisor


5月20日星期六,初中部有7位同學 (Janice Chen, DrewMcNeal, Elizabeth Yoo, AngelaYang, Jasmine Liu, Vanita Shih, 及Andre Joubert) 與家長及老師一起前往台中霧峰狗狗山中途之家,身體力行學習服務。同學們花了一早上時間,用心為中途之家分擔了好多事務。他們清洗了許多狗兒專用盛水桶,再注入乾淨清水;他們還幫忙洗了50多個狗兒專用碗,然後再裝入食物餵食了約半數中途之家所收容的狗兒;幫狗狗們刷毛、帶牠們散步、關心牠們並與牠們親密互動!  此外,我們還幫忙將大包裝的狗食從倉庫內搬出到預備餵食的地方,並整理搬動一些收容所內的擺設。同學們很努力地工作,而他們的努力也獲得中途之家負責人Surbrina高度的讚賞。最後,我們初中部學生會會長Drew McNeal同學並代表將學校募得的新台幣20,000元捐給狗狗山中途之家用於獸醫的花費。這真是一次很棒也很值得的活動經驗,我們期望明年還有機會讓其他同學也去體驗!

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感謝初中部學生會指導老師Joan Freeman 提供