Congratulations to Advanced Art student, Melody Chang (2021) who has been selected as a finalist in the regional, Taichung 107 years Art Competition Preliminary. Both of her submissions won awards in competition with a total of 5170 works of art.  Her works include,  Bottleneck, which won Third Place in the Chinese Painting category; and her ink drawing, Eliminate, won Third Place in the Comic category. In this part of the national competition, each category of submissions received three First Place, six Second Place and nine Third Place winners from 1533 selections. The art from the eighteen Taichung winners will join winners from other Taiwanese cities. In the last stage of the competition, there will be one First, Second and Third place winners selected. Winners will be announced on December 8, 2018. Melody is a prior national art competition winner in Taiwan and we wish her the best of luck for securing a second, well-deserved award for her outstanding work and effort in Art and Design!

Courtesy of Dr. Teresa Tipton

恭喜本校高中部 11年級 Melody Chang同學獲得 "107年全國學生美術比賽" 的決賽資格。在台中市初賽的5170件比賽作品中,她的兩份作品皆在所屬組別中名列前茅,作品名稱: 瓶頸、瓶景,在水墨類別中榮獲第三名; 作品名稱: “去蕪存菁” 在漫畫類別中獲得第三名。總計台中初賽中得獎作品計有1533件,其中將再選出三個第一名,六個第二名和九個第三名得獎作品共計18件作品再與國內其他城市的獲獎作品一起角逐全國決賽。 全國決賽將再各選出各組別的前三名獲獎者。獲獎者名單將於2018年12月8日公佈。Melody同學曾榮獲台灣全國學生美術大賽的特優獎,我們肯定她在藝術與設計方面的努力以及她出色的作品。祝福她繼續連莊冠軍殊榮!

感謝Dr. Teresa Tipton老師提供