MAPs Testing

Parents:  The Fall MAP assessment for grades 3 through 10 is set for August 28-30 (make ups will be on the 31st).   The test sessions are set for 2:30 each day, so please do not pick up your child early on those days and make sure they get enough sleep during that week. 

Courtesy of Ms. Diane Wilson

MAPs 測驗

請家長注意: 我們3到10年級同學皆須參加的秋季MAP評量測驗將於八月28日到30日舉行(缺考同學可在8/31補考)。 考試期間每日課表將採用Activity schedule,同學們考試的時間都將安排在下午2:30開始,因此在這幾天,請家長們不要提早接您的孩子放學回家,並請您讓孩子在參加考試的這星期都能有充足的睡眠。

感謝輔導老師Ms. Diane Wilson 提供