MAPs Growth Data

MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) is a standardized test that we have administered to all students in grades three through ten. We will have additional testing coming later in February and May to allow us to look at the growth of our students.

The initial student reports from the fall testing are ready and are in the process of being distributed to be sent home (some may be this week and some may be early next week). We are including the letter to parents prepared by the provider of the assessment. This letter is available in English and Simplified Chinese.

Homeroom and advisory teachers are going over the data with their students.

MAPs Growth資訊

本學年開始,我們為三到十年級同學引進了MAP(Measure of Academic Progress) 學習成長標準測驗。這項測驗每學年需進行三次,所以在下學期的二月及五月,三到十年級同學還需再測驗兩次,好讓我們得知同學們的學習成長狀況。

第一次的秋季MAP測驗結果目前已經統計出來,家長們最晚應該在下星期都會收到由同學們帶回家的成績單 (部分家長這周末應該已經收到了)。隨著本周訊電郵的附件,您可看到由MAP Growth所提供的家長指南英文中文(簡體字)版。