During the week of December 10th, our 1st and 2nd-grade students will take the MAPS assessment. The format for their assessment is different. It relies more heavily on understand spoken language. The students will use headphones along with Chromebooks to take this assessment. We will evaluate the experience for the students and the results to determine whether or not we should continue this practice.

這次12月10日開始的MAPS測驗,我們將讓 1年級與2年級同學也加入評量。他們的測驗方式與其他年級的有些不同,將著重口語的理解能力。學生們需使用耳機和Chromebook筆電進行這測驗。學校將評估他們參加這項測驗的經驗和結果,以確定我們是否應該繼續讓小學低年級學生參加MAPS評量。