We are looking into upgrading our PE uniforms and replacing the current style for the next school year. We are accepting t-shirt design suggestions now. All members of our community (students, teachers, and parents) are encouraged to participate in this design contest. Please send your design to Ms.Tung by May 4, 2018.  


-  include one of the AST (mascot) logos

-  include the school colors: blue, red and silver (or white)

-  Include a front and a back design

-  .ai file is preferred, but a sketch will be accepted

Courtesy of Annie Tung, Assistant Director

學校計畫下學年的體育服將汰舊換新,除了質感要提升外,也希望能展現全新的設計。我們歡迎大家的建議,並鼓勵AST大家庭成員們 (不論是同學、老師或家長) 踴躍投稿參加這次新體育服T-恤設計競賽。請在5月4日以前將您的設計稿寄給Ms. Tung。  


-  需有AST (吉祥物) logos

-  須含AST校徽顏色: 藍色, 紅色和銀色 (或白色)

-  須含T-恤正反兩面的設計

-  設計圖最好以 .ai 檔提交,不過其他形式的設計圖也可以接受

感謝Annie Tung 副校長提供