Join AST Fun Run on August 26, 2017!

AST will be sponsoring a Chinese Valentine Fun Run event on August 26, 2017. The event will start at the pink bridge. The longer routes, 11 km and 21 km will come into the AST campus. It’s estimated that there will be over 3,000 runners joining us that evening. It’s a great opportunity to get involved with the community and earn community hours. Let’s run for love, health and wellness!  

When? Saturday, August 26,2017

The race starts at 17:45 and ends around 21:00

Where?American School in Taichung

How can we get involved?

*   Join the race (ES students must be accompanied by their parents to join the race)

*   Cheer the runners on and pass out water at the AST water station.

All volunteers will receive free dinner bento box and a shirt!

Who can help? Students, teachers, parents, family friends!

If you would like sign up for the race, please sign up directly with the event organizer by going to this event page: . Please let me know if you need translation. 

If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the google form here:  

Thank you for your support! We hope to see you on August 26, 2017.


Ms. Annie Tung

AST七夕歡樂路跑- 8月26日

在今年暑假結束的星期六, 8月26日, AST 贊助了一場七夕情人橋星光馬拉松, 其中11公里及21公里兩條路線的跑者都將會經過。這活動預計將會帶來3,000人以上的人潮, 幫忙這次活動是讓我們學校更能活躍於社區活動並同時得到不同娛樂的好機會! 高中生也可以趁此機會做志工時數。 讓我們一起為愛,健康而跑!

 時間? 星期六, 2017年8月26日         起跑時間為 17:45, 活動結束時間約21:00

 地點?  台中美國學校


·         加入跑步 (為了安全考量,小學生必須由家長陪同)

·         在學校路跑補給站替跑者加油, 幫忙遞水


誰能參加? 學生,老師, 家長, 以及您的親朋好友

 如果您想以跑者的身分參加此次路跑活動, 請直接到以下網站報名   

 如果想以志工身分位跑者加油, 請到網站填寫表格,活直接填寫以下表格並交給班導師  

 謝謝您支持以下健康路跑活動, 我們期待8月26日與您一同動起來!  

感謝Annie Tung老師提供