On Sunday, October 28, a small group of students and teachers have been invited to attend Dr. Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots inaugural trip to Taiwan. Dr. Goodall’s lifetime achievement in primate research, paleoarcheology, conservation, wildlife protection, and environment protection, has its pinnacle in her current effort of global empowerment of youth through her Roots & Shoots Initiative. Designed as a school-based projects led by youth, Roots & Shoots invites young people all over the world to become involved in local issues involving people, animals, and environment. Students design actions to address issues of concern in their surrounding communities, thereby establishing a global network of youth-in-action to create a formidable force of change in the world.

Designed to make a difference in the world through one person at a time, we celebrate the opportunity to join forces with Dr. Goodall’s Roots & Shoots initiative and have the opportunity to meet her in person in Tainin. Students have been invited to submit a written proposal why they should be selected to attend. In preparation of the event, we will make a short video of our environmental activities in the school, thereby giving all students the opportunity to be included at least virtually in this extraordinary opportunity.

Courtesy of Dr. Teresa M. Tipton and Lauren Leach

10月28日星期日,AST部份學生和老師受邀將參加Jane Goodall (珍古德)博士訪問台南的根與芽 (Roots & Shoots) 生態教育活動。珍古德博士畢身致力於研究靈長類動物、古生物學、野生動植物保護和環境保護。國際珍古德協會所倡議的Roots & Shoots(根與芽)生態活動,在促進青年參與全球事務的努力中一向處於領先地位。Roots & Shoots (根與芽) 計畫以學校活動為基礎,由青年來領導,邀請世界各地的年輕人參與關注人類、動物和所在環境的問題,活動由青年來領導。學生設計行動來解決周遭環境所關注的問題,從而建立一個全球青年網絡,以創造一個強大的改革力量。

期望透過一人一次做出改變進而改善世界,我們很榮幸能參與到Goodall博士的Roots & Shoots計劃,並有機會在台南親自見到她本人。學校已請學生提供書面申請書,說明他們想要參加此活動的理由。 在準備此活動的同時,我們也將在學校製作一個關於我們環境活動的簡短影片,讓所有學生先行參與此盛大活動的議題。

感謝 Dr.Teresa M. Tipton 與 Lauren Leach 兩位老師提供