On June 3rd, AST Middle School students will return to Guo Guo Shan Dog Shelter.  At the shelter, our students clean and refill food and water bowls, tidy the grounds and dog runs, and spend time socializing with the dogs.  

Research shows that spending time with dogs can help with children’s social and emotional development. The trip to the shelter also gives our students a concrete example of an activity that is fun and immensely satisfying, even though some aspects of it are often avoided by teens and pre-teens.  (Cleaning?  Dirt?  Noise?  Smells?  Guo Guo Shan has it all!)

Over the past three years, our visits to Guo Guo Shan have become very popular, and AST now has a very strong relationship with the shelter.  We look forward to seeing our four-footed friends on June 3rd!

Courtesy of Mr. Norton


研究報告表示,與小狗共處可以幫助孩子在社交和情感上的發展。狗狗山為我們學生提供了一個有趣且有意義的服務點,儘管有某些方面是一般青少年可能較會避免參與的。(如: 整潔?髒污?噪音?味道?而這些狗狗山都有!)


感謝 Mr. Norton老師提供