Grade 2 Pajama Party Read In

Today Grade 2 celebrated reading 25 books in three weeks!  Students wore their pajamas to school and relaxed on their yoga mats while they read. They also read poetry and performed a Dr. Seuss readers' theater.  In addition, they had time to partner read and share books.  Congratulations to Grade 2 students for the reading accomplishments!

Courtesy of Ms. Greta Sharp


2年級同學於12月1日為他們花3星期讀了25本書,特別穿著睡衣到學校,舒服地躺在瑜珈墊上輕鬆閱讀,並開了個閱讀派對慶祝!  在派對中,他們讀了詩歌,並表演了Dr. Seuss的讀者劇場。 花時間與同伴一起閱讀並分享書籍。 祝賀二年級同學們得到了閱讀的成就!

感謝 Ms. Greta Sharp老師提供