On Saturday morning, December 1st, a group of 18 sixth through ninth grade AST students participated in the middle school service learning project at the Gougou Shan Animal Shelter. They spent the morning working hard doing a variety of necessary jobs. They cleaned and refilled many water buckets, cleaned about 150 food bowls, hosed and swept out the indoor rooms, and cleaned areas out in the dog yards too. We also had a crew of boys, led by parent Mr. Jeff Chou, carry about 40 huge bags of donated blankets. Mr. Chou said that this involved: “a 1st trip from outside to inside the house, then inside the house to the 2nd floor, then 2nd floor to the storage spot. It was lots of heavy lifting but there was really great teamwork among the kids.” Along with all this hard work the dogs were given lots of attention and ear scratches too!  All the students' efforts were greatly appreciated.

This was a great and worthwhile experience for both the students and the dogs, and we “hope it is helping the students better understand the social challenges around them and how they can make a difference.” (Chou)  We look forward to being able to return in the Winter and again in the Spring this school year. These trips are possible with the support of parents who help drive and chaperone the students. This time both Mr. Chou and Mr. Calvin Ko helped make this trip a success. Thank you to both of these parents, and to Mr. Dan Norton-Middaugh who helped with the students and also took some amazing photos.

Watch for our annual fundraiser to help support the shelter, coming soon in January. There will be more information on this event soon.


Submitted by: Joan Freeman, Service Project Advisor

12月1日星期六,AST自6到9年級共有18位同學參加了這次前往狗狗山中途之家的初中部服務學習活動。同學們利用一整個早上時間做了許多工作。他們清潔水盆為狗狗添加飲用水;清洗了共約150個狗狗用的碗;沖洗打掃室內外狗狗活動的區域。我們還有一組男同學在家長志工 Jeff Chou先生的帶領下,幫忙搬運了30袋捐贈的毯子。據Mr. Chou描述 "他們需將這些毯子從屋外搬到室內,再從1樓搬上2樓,然後還要搬到2樓儲放點。 這是一項繁重的工作,多虧孩子們之間真的很有團隊精神。"  除了這些辛苦的工作外,他們還幫一些狗狗刮了耳朵! 同學們所有的努力都獲到很多很多的感謝。

這次活動不管對於同學或狗狗們來說都是一次很棒又很有價值的經驗,我們 "希望這次經驗能讓同學們更了解社會上有各種不同挑戰,並希望同學們藉此體驗能學習到發揮自己的力量為生活周遭做出改變。" (Chou先生表示)  我們期望本學年中在冬季和春季時,還能夠再到狗狗山服務。可能的話,我們也希望家長能一起參與這些專案服務行程,幫忙開車載送孩子前往或陪同督導孩子們進行活動。這次活動就因為有 Mr. Chou和Mr. Calvin Ko兩位家長給予很多的協助才得以圓滿成功,非常感謝他們。同時也謝謝 Mr. Dan Norton-Middaugh 老師同樣協助了活動,還為同學們拍攝了許多很棒的照片。

敬請留意,我們接下來將會在1月份舉辦狗狗山中途之家年度募款活動,更多訊息將另行公布。 有興趣者可先點閱:

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