Fun Run

Last Saturday, August 26,  Tatung Rotary, AST students, teachers and parents have joined me and welcomed over 3,000 runners to AST as a resting stop. This is our second year working with the Taichung City Sport Organization to sponsor a public running event.

Special thanks to Yao- Wei for leading the Red Cross Club students who generously volunteered their time to help with the event.  They passed out drinks, cut fruits, and cheered the runners with African drums and their kind words. There were about 40 volunteers total, including Anthony Keen, Greta Sharp, Dan Norton, Susan Kern, 13 AST  students and 18 Tatung Rotary members. There were three teachers: Derek Kensinger, Amber Chin, Kendra Hensan and two faculty spouses- Joey Chuang and Noam Eppel who participated in the Chinese Valentine race and finished strong! It was a fun filled evening and helped the larger Taichung community members learned about AST!

Courtesy of Assistant Director: Annie Tung

Fun Run (七夕情人節路跑活動)

上週六,  8月26日, 我們第二次支援臺中市北屯區體育會協辦一場公益七夕情人節路跑活動, 歡迎超過3,000位的跑者來台中美國學校加油休息站。 此次活動志工包括大同扶輪社;AST學生、家長,以及老師等,共有40位志工。

在此特別感謝 Yao- Wei 老師帶領的紅十字學生不吝嗇的為跑者服務加油。 他們不僅幫忙遞水, 切水果, 還不時地用他們的聲音以及非洲鼓聲來替跑者加油打氣。到場幫忙的老師包括校長金安東, Greta Sharp, Dan Norton, Susan Kern, 以及13位學生及家長。除此之外, 我們的老師 Derek Kensinger, Amber Chin, Kendra Hensan , 以及眷屬Joey Chuang和Noam Eppel 也代表 AST隊參加此路跑比賽。活動不僅樂趣十足也讓大台中的路跑民眾對AST 留下美好印象。

感謝副校長Annie Tung提供