AST Red Cross would like to thank those who have donated food! For people who haven't participated in the Food Drive Event, we sincerely invite you to donate food and we will send it to LuChuan(綠川) Food Bank in Taichung. Since the event ends by 12/20, please donate ASAP. We already gave out the 1st round of homemade desserts to the donors to show our gratitude. The second round of the desserts will be given before 12/20. Feel free to contact us for more info.  Thank you!

Courtesy of AST Red Cross Club

感謝您支持食物銀行的活動!如果您尚未參與捐贈食物銀行活動的話,我們誠摯的邀請您捐贈食物,我們會送到綠川食物銀行。此活動的截止日期是在12/20號!我們已經分發第一波手工點心給捐贈者,表示我們的感謝! 會在12/20前分發第二波點心!如果有疑問,歡迎聯絡我們!謝謝您的愛心!     

感謝 AST紅十字社團提供