On 12/20, Red Cross truck came to pick up the Food that AST donated. The Food was already sent to the Food Bank. We are very thankful for everyone’s donations! Over the course of the event, we have seen your love for others and the willingness to help. This is exactly what Christmas spirit stands for! A huge thank you for everyone! For those who did not get to participate in the event, we will be hosting the food drive during the same time period for next year. We are looking forward to your support and donation! Thank you, AST!  

Courtesy of AST Red Cross

12/20 紅十字會的貨車來將大家捐的食物載回食物銀行,十分感謝AST的熱情捐贈!在這段活動期間裡,我們看到了大家的熱情與樂於助人的精神,而這就是聖誕節的精神!感謝各位!此次沒有捐贈的同學,明年的同個時段,我們將會再次開放給各位同學捐贈食物的機會!屆時請大家熱情參與!謝謝AST!

感謝 AST紅十字會社團  提供