This Thursday  (9/13), some of our Red Cross members went to the Food Bank Field Trip during their 2nd block. It was a great opportunity for them to learn about what, why, and how food donation is processed in Taichung Food Bank. In order to be supportive, all of them brought some food that aren't easily rotten, such as canned food and instant noodles, and learned about where these food goes and what's the purpose of food bank.

Courtesy of AST Red Cross Club


這禮拜四   (9/13),AST紅十字會社團的社員們積極地在第二堂課參與了綠川食物銀行校外教學。從這次參觀中,大家學到捐贈食物的過程與捐贈食物的理由。紅十字會社團也請大家帶一份較能保存的食品捐給食物銀行,並更近一步了解收到這些食物的對象和食物銀行建立的目的。

感謝 AST 紅十字會社團 提供