ES Field Trip

On Thursday, January 18th, the elementary school students got the opportunity to participate in the Jane Goodall Institute's Roots and Shoots program. We learned about the extraordinary life of Dr. Jane Goodall and the many things she does to help children learn about the role they play in helping keep our environment healthy. The students had a blast learning about mosquito fish and they even got to build a tiny little self-sustaining ecosystem. This ecosystem helps our environment by trapping mosquitoes and helping to prevent the spread of disease. We hope the field trip was the first step in building a long relationship with the Jane Goodall Institute and stay tuned because there is a strong possibility that we may actually get to meet Dr. Jane in the future, right here in Taichung!

Courtesy of Ms. Aimee Eppel


小學部全體同學很難得有個機會於1月18日星期四參與了珍古德教育及保育協會的”根與芽計畫”活動。我們學習了珍古德博士不凡的生活和她幫助孩童們學習如何讓自己為環境健全付出心力的許多事蹟。同學們盡興的學習了‟ (吃) 蚊子魚ˮ,甚至還建立了一個小型的自我維生生態系統。這個小生態系統可以誘捕蚊子來防止蚊子散播傳染病。我們希望這次的校外教學所跨出的是我們長期與珍古德教育及保育協會建立良好關係的第一步,因為我們很有機會在未來可能得以與珍古德博士相會,在台中!

感謝Ms. Aimee Eppel老師提供