ES English Speakers of the Month

This semester, the elementary school began a new initiative to encourage more English speaking during social times like lunch, recess, or in the hallways. The goal is to create a more inclusive environment, where everyone can play, learn, and share together.

We would now like to congratulate the English Speakers of the Month for the months of January and February.


Justin Lai- Grade 1

Adekunle Oyelaran- Grade 2

Josie Yu- Grade 3

Chris Yang- Grade 4

Eugene Lee- Grade 5


John Weng- Grade 1

Yuzu Ozawa- Grade 2

Kavery Palanisamy- Grade 3

Jason Nobuta- Grade 4

Song Kim- Grade 5

Each of these students demonstrated a commitment to speaking English, both inside and outside the classroom. Thank you for being such great role models at AST!

Courtesy of Ms. Lauren Leach


小學部為鼓勵同學們不論午餐、下課時或在走廊上的社交時段都能使用英語交談,特別在這學期設立了一項每月評選的 ”English Speaker”獎。我們希望與孩子們共創更包容的學習環境,大家一起快樂地玩耍、學習和分享。

現在就讓我們藉此機會恭賀一、二月份English Speakers獎的得主,


Justin Lai – 1年級

Adekunle Oyelaran – 2年級

Josie Yu – 3年級

Chris Yang – 4 年級

Eugene Lee – 5 年級


John Weng – 1 年級

Yuzu Ozawa – 2 年級

Kavery Palanisamy – 3 年級

Jason Nobuta – 4 年級

Song Kim – 5 年級


感謝Ms. Lauren Leach老師提供