ES English Speaker of the Month

The ES English Speaker of the Month award goes to one student in each grade  who has demonstrated great effort in speaking English, encouraging others to speak English, and helping to create an environment of inclusiveness and togetherness at AST.

Please congratulate the English Speakers of the Month for September:
Emrie Hortin  1st Grade
Hilary Wu  2nd Grade
Yuzu Ozawa  3rd Grade
Lyon Chiang 4th Grade
Chris Yang 5th Grade

Thanks so much for your hard work and focus on speaking English in and outside of the classroom!

Courtesy of Ms. Leach


小學部每個年級每月都會選出一位學生皆會獲頒" 最佳英語表現獎"。這些學生樹立榜樣,並實行在校以英語為主要語言來交談,幫助AST創造出一個和睦且包容的環境。


一年級 Emrie Hortin
二年級 Hilary Wu
三年級 Yuzu Ozawa
四年級 Lyon Chiang
五年級 Chris Yang


感謝 Ms. Lauren Leach老師提供