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This has been a very busy week for the whole school including the teachers and students in the elementary department. On Wednesday, we all participated in educational activities that gave us a better understanding of UN day. We discussed the rights of a child, before breaking off into teams for team-building games and themed arts and crafts. On Thursday, we had a fun time on our field trips to Angel Art Studio, Green World and Air Gene. Finally, on Friday we welcomed the Fah Zhi students who gave us an incredible musical performance before breaking off with the Grade 5 students to do a more in-depth session.  

Courtesy of Ms. Aimee Eppel


On Wednesday, April 18th the Elementary Students participated in UN Day activities as part of TAIMUN week at AST.  This year's theme was Sharing the Wealth for a Better World. 

The students learned that the United Nations was formed after World War II as a way to try and restore peace around the world.  Today, leaders from the UN work together to try and maintain peace, resolve conflicts and issues and provide aid to their citizens.

The students learned about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and created posters focusing on various rights they have as children.  They then engaged in a variety of fun activities that incorporated collaboration, cooperation and critical thinking skills.  We discussed how these were important traits of leaders as well as necessary life skills.

There was a lot of laughter and smiles throughout the day as students interacted together.  We are proud of their positive attitudes and cooperative spirits.  We hope they continue to remember the importance of working together and sharing the wealth for a better world. 

Courtesy of Ms. Genevieve Murphy


本週全體小學部的師生們都非常地忙碌。星期三我們以寓教於樂的活動讓同學們對於UN day(聯合國日) 有更多的認識。當天我們先一起討論了兒童權利之後,再分組進行各種有趣的活動。  星期四的校外教學,依不同年級分別前往了Angel Art Studio、綠世界生態農場以及Air Gene彈翻健身育樂中心。 最後,在星期五這天,我們歡迎了遠道而來的法治國小同學,他們先為我們表演了原住民音樂,然後再分組與我們5年級的同學們進行更進一步的交流活動。

感謝Ms. Aimee Eppel老師提供

UN Day活動

在這週三(4/18),小學部學生們進行了AST TAIMUN 週 UN day的活動。今年的主題是如何分享所有以幫助世界更美好。




感謝Ms. Genevieve Murphy老師提供