Dear AST Friends and Family,

As we approach the end of September, we are looking forward to the busy month of October and we have a number of important and exciting events happening that hopefully are already on your calendar!

Looking forward to a great October,

Anthony Keen


Our Extended 10/10 - Mid Autumn Festival Break

We have two significant Taiwanese holidays and the teachers have two in-service days and these all together result in a nice week off for students from October 4th through October 10th.



HSINMUN is the first big MUN event of the year from October 13th through October 15th. MUN is a great opportunity for our students to meet other people, challenge their own beliefs about society, debate issues that matter to the world, and is a great activity for college applications.


High School Field Day

Based upon the typhoon scare, the high school field day was rescheduled to October 20. All high school students will be off campus together engaging in an element of Taiwanese culture while cultivating relationships with each other that translate to improved classroom experiences.


Student-Led Conferences (formerly Parent-Teacher Conferences)

Student-led conferences will be held on Monday, October 23rd from 12:00 (noon) to 5:00 pm (17:00).


Halloween Activities

We will celebrate the holiday of Halloween during the week of October 23 through October 27. During this spirit week, there will be a daily dress-up theme and on Friday, we have Halloween Activities in the afternoon. To get involved, contact your child's homeroom or advisory teacher or the Parent Association. It is a great event for everyone involved.









HSINMUN是本校同學這學年第一個要參加的模擬聯合國會議,會議期間是10月13日到10月15日。參加MUN(模擬聯合國會議) 是同學們與外界接觸,挑戰自己對社會的信仰,論證世界性事件的一個絕佳機會,且同時也是攸關申請大學的一項重要活動。

高中部Field Day (校外活動日)


學生主導會議 (前親師懇談會)

學生主導會議 (Student-led conferences) 將於10月23日星期一中午12點到下午5點進行。


10月23日到10月27日我們將進行慶祝萬聖節活動。在這個spirit week(10/23-10/27),同學們每天可穿著同學們共同決定的各種主題服裝上課;我們也將在10月27日調整上課時間,在下午讓同學們舉行各種萬聖節前夕的活動。如果家長們有興趣參與這些活動,可以詢問您孩子的班導師或小組老師,或是請與家長會聯繫。這是一個歡迎大家同來參與的大活動。